What Is The Full Form Of SUCCESS?


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Full form of success
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Well as I perceive it that there is no full form of success but one can be near that with persistent hard work.

Now hard work should be directed towards the right direction cause hard work with no direction is useless.

As for career is concerned there are few basics one must keep in mind.

Pleasant personality
Ability to adjust to the Environment

Now Higher education should be the target cause the higher your educated the easy for you is to comprehend as well as you have edge over others in general

Experience is one thing which only time can fill up but the best part one can do is select a path of career and try to get maximum experience related to his field in particular and not waste time with petty jobs etc

Personality and your selection of words when communicating means a lot if you can only do this right you can just soar  high and high cause if your good at this you can easily convince people and believe me every job and career needs this skill very much cause your always interacting with people.

And finally ability to diversify your personality according to needs of working environment and having sense of belonging.

I believe there are many more things than this which can also help you get the satisfaction out of your work and be a success story but I have only pointed couple which I think are basic.

Best of Luck,Take care. Bye.
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I succeed every morning, in getting up. I succeed in making dinner every night. I succeed in going to bed every night. Therefore, I have succeeded in living another day. Because, I will SUCCEED tomorrow morning when I WILL get up again.
I have made my purpose, in raising good children, successfully, and I will make my purpose again, IN GETTING OLD SUCCESSFULLY!!!
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