How Can I Find Out The Company Name By Director's Name?


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Amit Singh answered
It is not easy to find out a company by its directors name. You will have to do a lot of efforts to find the solution. We can give you some ways in which you can try searching for a company with the name of its director. The first and most effective way is directory. You can look into a directory which deals with business numbers and address. It is understood that the names are according to alphabetical order. Here it is possible that you might get number of options, but you will have to give it your best shot to get the correct company.

If you have any idea about the type of the company or area, it will help you extremely in finding the company's name. You can also go to the registrar office check if they could help you out with the issue. Or else you can log on to any search engines and try searching from here; you can customize your search by typing in the name of director and the type of company or area in which the company rests.

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