What Is A Subcontractor And How Do I Become One? Also, What Insurance Do I Need?


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With regards to sub contracting. I have been in a situation where (in construction) I am an agency worker, surrounded by self employed people from small companies no more than 2 or 3 men. Plasterers, plumbers, electricians etc. I have never been able to work out how these companies A, found out about the work available, B, whether they were contacted directly or there is some secret circle of mason types sharing the information on companies looking for subcontracting smaller companies. Can anyone shed any light on this??
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A subcontractor is a person who takes contracts from a contractor already working with certain industry or organization. In some industries where big sized projects are being done by any big contracting firm, some times small portions of the projects are subcontracted to the sub contractors. One such examples is projects being done by Descon Engineering which is a company doing construction on contracts, many small activities are being subcontracted to some small scale contractors so that the speed and efficiency of the project is increased.

The needs to become a subcontractor depend on the industry with which someone is associated. However there are some general needs required for any subcontractor which are:

a.Having proper information about the process.
b.Having the right kind of resources for doing the task on time, these resources include proper manpower, machines (if required), space (work shop or any other place of work).
c.Proper planning of activities since mostly these are time bound activities.
d.Follow up and timely execution of activities once they are planned.
e.Timely delivery of results and proper presentation in front of clients and customers so that they are convinced and happy about the contract being handled properly.

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