How Can I Get Free Training To Become A Counsellor?


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Preethika Pinto answered
As long as you do not wish to be a psychologist of psychiatrist to prescribe medicines there should be no problem in becoming a counsellor without being a student of any university.

There are many sites online that provide free training for those interested in counselling. All you have to do is search Google for free training to become counsellor. Then you will get a list of websites that you can choose from whichever you find best. Then you just have to submit your personal details along with your email address there by letting them e-mail you your courses daily.

You can also get books from your closest library based on counselling psychology or clinical psychology. All though by doing this you will still not be a certified counsellor until you register in a distance education university or join in with one of those certified courses that are also available online.

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