What Are The Factors To Be Considered Before Launching Into E-commerce?


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Gemma Geri , Business Growth over the Web, answered

Try to be a direct marketer with the creative analyst will raise your business in large number of customers  over the web.

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Factors to Consider Before Launching into E-Commerce      Survey: 3 out of 4 small businesses do not yet have a Web site.  Small companies account for more than 50% of all retail sales in the U.S., but they generate only 9% of online retail sales.    By 2003, small companies will generate just 6% of online retail sales.    Developing a deep, lasting relationship with customers takes on even greater importance on the Web.  Creating a meaningful presence on the Web requires an ongoing investment of resources – time, money, energy, and talent.  Measuring the success of a Web-based sales effort is essential to remaining relevant to customers whose tastes, needs, and preferences constantly change.    Study: 75% of Web shoppers who fill their on-line shopping carts become frustrated and leave the site before checking out.  Reasons:  Site too slow  Site looks unprofessional  Site does not take credit cards  Checkout area too hard to find  No return policy posted    APPROACHES TO E COMMERCE:    Online shopping malls  Storefront building services  Internet service providers (ISPs)  Hiring professionals to design a custom site  Building a site in-house    Key advantage: Ability to customize a site, making it anything an entrepreneur wants.  Major disadvantage: Cost  A custom-designed site can cost between $10,000 and $30,000  A site with complete front-office and back-office integration can cost more than $500,000!
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To make your website user friendly. You need to follow some basic rules that bring more visitor to your website.

1. Content: Your website content should be informative and should be descriptive. It must highlight your business and the product you are targeting.

2. Customer Review: If your site is new you must ask for customer review at first. Getting customer reviews for your website improve your site authority and trust.

3. Simple Navigation: Navigation is most important part of eCommerce site. Make your navigation easily visible and user can navigate from one place to another without any hurdles.

4. Security & Trust: Providing security to online business is important for every online business. By providing security you can secure client precious information such as card details & password. Use SSL Certificate on your website. ECommerce sites can purchase EV SSL Certificate to enable green address bar. SSL Certificate also improve visitor trust and confidence to buy something from your website.

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