Does Kaplan INC Operate On Franchise System?


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  Yes the company operates on the franchise system other wise it would not have been as popular as it is now. To know about the whole system and also even you can get a franchise or not, I recommend you to visit a website that has all the information about the company as the website is the official one of that organization. You can visit the website on the following address:

  When it comes to benefits of the franchise system, you can take out numerous benefits from it. The first thing that you can get is that with the franchise system you can increase your reach substantially and can also get manpower to support the venture. The other benefits that you can have is that you are not required to invest in the real estate as the person who is taking the franchisee can be assigned the job and you can get the benefit of prime location without spending a penny.
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I cannot find information on Kaplan's site that speaks to it being a franchise. Any ideas on where I can find franchise information for KAPLAN, Inc?
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I couldn't find anything on Franchising on the Kaplan website. Any suggestions for Belgium or Luxembourg? Thank you

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