Is It Possible To Download A Residential Lease Aggreement Free Of Charge?


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Yes, it is possible to download a residential lease aggreement free of charge. Many sites specialize in offering sample legal forms that can be used for such purposes, often with different forms for all fifty states. 

Rocket Lawyer is a website that specializes in free legal forms, including a residential lease aggreement. The forms can be easily adapted for all fifty U.S states, and sample forms can be viewed for free to see if they meet consumer needs.

A free sample lease agreement is also offered by Total Real Estate Solutions, which specializes in forms used in real estate transactions. This agreement form uses language that is likely to be considered valid in a majority of states.

Accurate Credit provides rental lease agreement forms, as well as other forms that are helpful for a landlord. These forms are available in Word format that can opened with most word processors, as well as .pdf format.

A sample form is provided at Mr. Landlord, along with a sample rental application. The site also provides a free newsletter for landlords that contains a lot of helpful information that can be used.

The Internet Legal Research Group provides forms for all 50 U.S. States. An advantage of the forms offered on this site is that they can can customize them to meet a landlord's particular needs.

As with any other situation that involves legal forms, it is a good idea to consider obtaining the advice of an attorney. Advice obtained from question sites should not be construed as valid legal advice.

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