How Can I Find My W-2 Form Online?


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cc:x~E95Ejamesmorris:89963685@N00 Getting hold of an online copy of your W-2 is often the fastest and most convenient option- however not every employer makes W-2 forms available online.To find your W-2 form online you must:

How to get a copy of your W-2 form from over the internet Firstly, check with your employer to see if your W2 is even available online.
If your employer proves unhelpful, you can find out for yourself by using websites like
Going down this route, you will first need to look up your employer on the 'find employer' database. This will supply you with their allocated id number, which you can use to log in. You will need some secure information like your social security number and the gross amount of your last pay check to proceed to a printable version of your w2 form.

Getting your W-2 for from the IRS

Contacting the IRS either via email or telephone is another way to get hold of your W-2 form.  You will need to provide the name of your employer, company address with zip code and their telephone number, your EIN (employer identification number) and the date that you began and ended your work with the company.  Try to be as precise as possible as that will help the IRS locate your W-2 form more easily.  The IRS will have a record of your W-2 form as your employer will have reported your wages when they filed their tax return.

Failing that, you can file for a 4852 form.  Used only as a last resort, a 4852 form is a wage and tax form substitute.
Nine times out of ten the IRS will be able to locate your W-2 form when you provide them with the necessary details.  W-2 forms come in 6 copies, but the employee need only be concerned with copies B and C as they are sent to the employee.  Copy B is to be used when completing your tax return and Copy C is for your own personal records.
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Form W-2 is a form filled to state the wage and tax statement. In United States Form w-2 is used in the income tax systems to gather information and generate a report the information about the wages which are paid to the employees. It also helps getting information about the taxes withheld from the employees. It is mandatory for the employers to fill the W-2 form for each and every employee who are paid a salary for working with them.  The form usually consists of six copies.
  Copy A- the submission of the copy A form is done to the Social Security Administration by the employers.  Copy form is given to the employee with income tax returns. Copy C is given to employee so that they can have a copy of the information. Copy D is given to employer for their record. Copy 1 and Copy 2 is filled with employee's income tax returns.
  If you want W-2 online, you can simply do a search on the Google for W-2 forms online. Visit the following link to get your copy of w-2 form:
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I want to change my address to w2 forms
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how can i find my w2 form from Dunkin Donuts

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They are pretty self explanatory most of the time but if you've filed taxes before just look back at you old W-2 and go by the way they did it or just call a tax place like H&R Block and they can probably tell you over the phone. Hope this helps
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Most of the time you can go to and find any tax form you need. There usually are a lot of good tips also.

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