How Do You Answer The Question 'Give A Short Detailed Description About Yourself'?


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Generally these questions asked in interviews, because there they want to know about you. Answer this question very carefully; don't try to be over smart. Give a review of your whole life. Start from your education but not in detail, that I start my schooling from that date to that or in 2 grades I got first prize. No, start from your recent qualification and in your academic career if there are any remarkable achievements must mention them. Otherwise no need to declare it.

After that, your struggle towards your career, your jobs that what type of difficulties you face during all that process that reflects your ability to tackle problems, and your courage to face involvedness.Always tell them your aim or goal of life.

Now come towards your personal interest which we may call hobbies. Keep one thing in your mind that your personal interest should be matched according to the jobs requirement, not totally opposite to your job. Because your personal interest shows your nature and the people guess from there that what type of a person you are.

These are the questions from where they try to judge your nature. It is a reflection of your personality. Never shows your weakness, because they are analyzing your thinking. Always show a positive tone during this discussion. Positive thinking always shows positive results.
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Preethika Pinto answered
You usually come across this question when you are being interviewed, maybe at an office of even by friends. When you are answering that particular question, keep a few do's and don'ts in mind. Never give out details of your name or what you do. People asking you this question already knows that and aren't interested.

Next, mention characteristics of you that are unique. Things like what kind of music you listen to and your favourite movies aren't an interesting fact. Use as many adjectives about you as possible. Hard working, persuasive and sensitive are some examples of how you can describe yourself. Your take on life is also an interesting thing to say, that is if you really have one.

If you keep all these things in mind you will be able to answer that question properly. Prepare the answer to this question in advance so you don't mess up while answering it because if you can't answer it means you don't know anything about yourself.

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