What Are The Advantage Of Functional Departmentalization?


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The advantages of functional departmentalisation is ;
I. It allow work to be carried out by individuals who are qualified and skilled in the area concerned.
Ii. Reduces cost by reducing work duplication and use of resources in the organization.
Iii. Each individual in the same department will acquire the same work experiences or training, communication and co-ordinating, thereby reducing problem for management.
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1. Efficient use of resources, economies of scale
2. In-depth skill specialization and development
3. Career progress within functional departments
4. Excellent coordination within functions
5. High-quality technical problem solving
6. Motivated employees to develop their skills
7. Compatible employees because of similar training and expertise
8. Excellent communication and coordination among employees within each department
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Creates highly skilled specialist,lowers costs through reduced duplication,communication and coordination.
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1) Carrier Path is clear
2) Allow people to specialized in the perticular field.

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