What Are The Advantage And Disadvantage Of Questionnaire Method?


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  • One of the main advantages of an online questionnaire is the fact that there are no major costs that need to be taken care of like there would be if you were sending out a paper version of the questionnaire. In those cases you would have to pay for postage and paper costs, of which you do not have to concern yourselves with.
  • The speed of feedback is a big advantage in the online questionnaire method because it can come back instantly. In addition, by using a computer device, the data can sort itself out almost automatically which saves a lot of time when collecting the results.
  • One problem that you should consider with regards to online questionnaires is that you may not always get reliable information because it is not a face to face process. Completing questionnaires and surveys online can sometimes prompt people to fill in information that may not be right such as age and ethnicity.
  • Using computers can guarantee faster information however there is always a chance that technical problems can occur. For example, some servers can become overloaded and crash so an individual may not be able to finish the questionnaire. In addition, sometimes questionnaires can be accidentally sent more than once which will cause problems in terms of authentic data.

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