How Has The Concept Of Quality Changed Over The Years For Businesses?


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Running a business is not a new phenomenon. It has been a very old means of earning one's living and quite a popular and prolific one too. In relation to that, there were theories about every aspect of operating a business. Some of them were influenced by past experience, some of them were leveraged by the environment and society norms. With the passage of time, some business theories changed adapting to the changing corporate culture and getting accustomed to the demands of the rapidly changing time.

One such aspect of business is quality, which has undergone quite a metamorphosis over the years. In the past, quality was considered only the responsibility of the quality control department while today quality is considered everyone's responsibility who are linked with the business in any way. In relation to quality, training was considered a costly luxury by organizations of the yesteryears. Nevertheless today training is not considered a costly luxury at all. On the contrary, training is considered a wonderful saving technique both in terms of time management and also in terms of cost management.

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