What Is Your Procedure For Keeping Track Of Items Requiring Your Attention?


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I usually put reminders or notes on my mobile so that I know what needs my immediate attention. We are human beings and sometimes we tend to miss out on some important chores or tasks that we have to perform so just to avoid that, its better to have it in the form of text somewhere.

I know a friend who makes a "To-Do" list every night about the activities she has to perform tomorrow. Whenever she accomplishes one of those activities, she puts a tick next to it meaning that she has done that task.

Then I know people who mark stuff on their calenders so they don't miss out on those occasions or tasks.

Sometimes I even make text files on my computer and name them "Must Do" so that every time I switch on my computer, I know what has to be done.

You could use any of these ways or a way that you know will get the most of your attention.

And if there is nothing that gets your attention then please buy a huge white board, hang it on one of your walls and keep filling it up with the tasks you have to accomplish. You can use colorful markers too ;)
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It is necessary to keep track of all the items requiring our attention or it will lead to a lot of chaos. One of the most important factors in doing so is to write down all that requires to be done.

Trying to remember everything and not writing down leads to a big mess. Our brain stores a lot of information which we want to recall but there are cracks through which this information can slip.

This can create a lot of anxiety as there is always a nagging feeling at the back of our mind as to what still needs to be done, where we last left and what are we missing. It is not generally possible for us to recall each and every detail about our tasks.

Many people write down notes and put them in a drawer. There is no use doing that as you forget about it and if you keep on sticking them everywhere they will lead to unnecessary tension distracting you from work at hand.

The best way to manage is make a time management program where you can put in all the items requiring your attention. Categorize those items according to different fields and make it a habit to put items in this catalogue. Whenever you need to recall what needs to be done just open it and check it.

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