What Is Grievance Handling?


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Grievance handling is an essential part of any business, in case people have been dismissed unlawfully so there has to be a structure and rules and regulations in place. Even in well-run businesses, it may sometimes be necessary to take disciplinary action against employees.
So in essence it is vitally important to have written disciplinary rules and procedures in place in the workplace. If problems do arise, these procedures should help deter employees from making employment tribunal claims and ensure that you are dealing with employees as fairly as possible
The rules and procedure with regards to grievance handling should be set out in writing, follow the good-practice principles set out accordingly and follow your areas code of practice on disciplinary and grievance procedures
If you do not meet these criteria then it may lead to extra compensation for the employee if they succeed in a tribunal claim. You should by law inform each employee about a number of things including your disciplinary rules, your disciplinary/dismissal procedure and the name of the person to whom they should appeal if they are unhappy about a disciplinary or dismissal decision.
There should be an employee's written statement of employment or the written statement may refer the employee to a document which is handed to everyone before employment. In cases that you do not provide this information to an employee and they succeed in another employment tribunal claim against you in a case of unfair dismissal, they could be awarded up to four weeks' pay.
However, if you do decide to make your disciplinary procedure contractual and you fail to follow it when taking disciplinary action, the employee could bring something called a breach of contract claim against you.
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A grievance is a sign of an employee's discontentment with his job or his relationship with his colleagues. Grievances generally arise out of the day-to-day working relations in an organization
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Grievance handling means to help and possibly solve the problem of the person who is in trouble and wants some kind of help. A grievance can be of any type like someone trying to corner someone, not giving him his rights etc. and grievance handling is to help such a person in a way that can give him justice to his satisfaction.
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It is a kind if handling the dispute between the trade union and their representatives and the management and their staff...

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