What Is An Average Water Bill?


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Sanitation and water supply are generally characterized by good service and access universally. Most of the users do not get incentives on water conservation; they are not even billed on volumetric basis. To raise the share of residential metering an effort has been made which resulted in 25 percent increase. The Environmental department is expecting 75 percent of increase by the year 2025. However, researchers prove that in house-hold water usage, the water meter helps in saving of water by 5 percent to 15 percent.

748 gallons of water is 100 cubic feet that makes 1 billing unit. There are two methods of billing. First is Estimated bill and the second one is Actual meter reading. In actual meter reading you can see the units on your bill and if you find "A" that means it is an estimated water bill. An average use of water is 36 units in two months, and an average bill ranges between 80 to 85 dollars.
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1 $ per year, sike nah its like probably about $75.99. I'm not quite sure so don't take my advice. I'm just trying to find out myself for my project

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