I Am Faced With Foreclosure And I Want To Save My Home But I Can Not Refinance. I Have An Annuity That I Will Be Able To Access In 18 Months. I Need A Private Lender To Help Me Out. I Am Looking For 30000. What Can I Do?


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Assets Cars, jewelry, I'm sure you thought of this. What kind of lifestyle do you live? LIfe style change. Credit cards? Unlikely if your that far in to debt. Also sound unlikely but do you could sell you house for sale by owner, and let someone else take over payments. It is possible that you could make it 18 mo like this. LEst say your mortage is 2000 a mo. Its a nice place you rent it for maby 2600 2400 or so.  So you make over payments and the band sees you tryin and eases off till you can refinance. Wich is probably what screwed you in the first place. YOu know you could get into illigal activities. I would say that is really a stupid idea, but you could probably make 30000 grand in a well say 6 weeks. BUt as you know it takes money to get money. So Well Um I think your screwed. YOu could write some letters explaining why you are in this financial hardship and send them to every person in the world and hope some rich as hole wants a nice tax rite off. Lol. I think your best bet is go to food band. LIve w/o power phone Internet cable all these nice things. Ride bus save money on insurance sell car give every profitable to whom ever you owe. YOu could like I said posssibly rent it or go for sale by owner. I don't know your income but if you can almost make the payments try renting some space. Musicians will pay top dollar for space to jam. OH I go it. Start throwing house parties! Sreious here in seattle I know a very successful entrepreneur who gets kegs and charges admission he has live bands and is on the raido. Its been a long time commin so again unlikely. WEll God bless Hope you get it.  MOre than likely youll have to do somthin that might jepordise your freedom or find a REAL loan shark and possible pay with your life.
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I am not sure if you are still in this situation but, I work with a company that helps with loan modification. I was in the same situation and I vowed to find a way to help others, please if you would like to contact me 800-712-8518 or visit nationwide.get-quotes.com and fill out the short form....I will contact you ASAP. Thanks...

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