How To Write A Check For Seven Hundred And Fifty Dollars?


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On the top left of the cheque goes your name and possibly your address. If your bank has provided you the cheque then your name will already be printed in the corner. On the top right hand side of the cheque there is a section for the date. Fill this in, paying note to the little letterings underneath; Y Y Y Y M M D D. This is the order of the date they expect, so the 5th July 2009 would be 20090705.
The main section of the cheque is the "pay to the order of” area. Here you name the person or company you want to pay. Underneath is a second line. This is for writing out the sum of money. If you wanted to pay $100.55 you would write that out in full as ‘One Hundred Dollars and’.  Here you then insert an extended hyphen. This is because at the end of the line is a slash or stroke mark, with the words ‘100 dollars’ next to it. This is for cents. You draw the extended hyphen to near the end of the line and then write the amount of cents. This doesn’t need to be in full, so should just be ‘55’, or however many cents you’re paying.
The reason for this long hyphen is to avoid tampering. It’s the same reason that you need to be clear when writing the sum in the digit payment box. This is below the date. Usually it has a dollar sign but if not then add one.
At the bottom is a memo section. This is for you to leave either an account number for the bill you are paying or to just list what the cheque was for. Online transactions still maintain this principle of a simple payment explanation.
Finally just sign your name in the bottom right corner on the indicated line. Please note that it must be close to a signature preview the bank already has on record, for authenticity purposes.

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