Where To Find Annual Revenue On A Balance Sheet?


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On the balance sheet, your revenue will be your income statement. This will come as one sheet and will be one number on the balance sheet.

The balance sheet is an overall look at your incomings and your outgoings

A balance sheet is a summary of the financial position for the year. They are basic accounting devices to show where a company is for any given year.

Revenue will be a list of all the things that have come in through the year. This will include all sales and acquirements that a company, sole trader or partnership have made throughout a year.

This includes all cash, BAC or any other form of payment you receive from someone else.

Balance sheets are also good to determine how healthy a company is, especially if you wish to buy shares in the company.
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Revenue is on the Income Statement. It is part of your retained earnings(asset) on the balance sheet.

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