What Are The Percentage Of Stamp Duty In Different States Of India?


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What is the rate of stamp duty for purchase of an apartment in Vadodara (Gujrat) for a male and for a female?
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If the property received as gift on year 1983 then stamp duty is payable.
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I assume you mean only on property; in most states you can also be charged stamp duty on all sorts of other legal documents, bonds, shares, services.

On property, stamp duty ranges between 0 and 14.7%, depending where you are.

There are plans to impose 5% as stamp duty nationally, but most states have been reluctant to respond to this. There's also a push to have lower stamp duty rates for women buyers (to boost their economic and social standing).

I'm not going to pretend the following list is definitive, there are too many conflicting numbers online; plus change is in the air with the federal government pushing hard to get everyone over to 5%, anyway. But this will give some idea of the relative amounts, and some of the absolute numbers may be accurate, for a while, anyway!

0%: if not listed below

5%: Tripura, Andhra Pradesh, Delhi (for men, 3% for women)
6%: Punjab,
7%: West Bengal, Manipur
7.5%: Nagaland, Madhya Pradesh
8%: Tamil Nadu (cities),
8.25%: Assam
8.5%: Kerala (municipalities only)
10%: Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat (less for social housing transfers). Haryana (for men buyers, only 8% for women)
11%: Rajasthan.
12%: Himachal Pradesh
14.5%: Uttar Pradesh
14.7%: Orissa (urban areas only)

Karnataka: Generally 10.5%, but 4-8% in some circumstances.

Maharashtra: generally 10%, but 0.5-8%, in some circumstances, depending on value and size of property.

Meghalaya: varies between 4.6% and 9.9%, depending on the value of the property. Examples:

4.6%: 50,000 Rs or less
6%: 50,0001-90,000 Rs.
8%: 90,001-150,000 Rs.
9.9%: > 150,000 Rs.

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