How Can I Cut Down On My Electricity Bill?


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With electric bills getting higher and higher each year, I think looking at ways to cut your electric bill is a really good idea.

Most electric suppliers will usually give you some advice if you call them up and ask.

This is what I did when I received an unusually high electric bill.

I simply sat down and had a talk with the advisor over the phone, and the following are all tips that they suggested:

How to cut down your electricity bill

The first thing to bear in mind is that every household is different, so not all these rules will apply to you specifically:

  • Use energy saving light bulbs- they might cost slightly more, but they will last a lot longer!
  • Unplug things when they're not in use. I never used to do this, but now I can't stand seeing a phone charger hooked up to the socket with no phone in it.
  • Washing clothes doesn't need a long, hot wash. I stick to rapid wash at 40 Celsius.
  • Adjust your household thermostat a few degrees lower
  • If you can, use a towel instead of a hairdryer
  • Cooking with a microwave is actually better because it takes less time and energy to heat up than an oven.
  • Don't use portable electric radiators unless you really need to. If you can stay warm by wearing an extra layer, or using a blanket, then do that instead!
Finally, you may also want to consider not doing the whole 'brightest Christmas decorations on the street' competition!

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It is generally recognized that of all the electrical appliances used in a home, the one that consumes the most electricity is the hot-water heater. How can you use it more economically?

In the first place, do not overheat your water. Generally it suffices to keep it at from 140 degrees to 160 degrees Fahrenheit.
Secondly, do not use hot water when warm or even cold water will do—as in washing certain types of clothing.
And when choosing between a tub bath and use of the shower, keep in mind that a shower requires but half the amount of hot water that a tub bath does.
If you have an electric dishwasher, you can save on the hot water if you simply rinse the dishes, and do not use the washer after each meal but wait until it is full, or use it just once a day.

Also, you can save if, instead of washing dishes under hot running water, you use a dish pan or the sink partially filled. The same goes for shaving.

And make sure that you have no dripping hot-water taps. One dripping hot-water faucet can, in the course of a year, cost you as much as $100 extra. It will also pay you to have your hot-water heater checked from time to time to see that it is working properly.
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You could turn off your electricity altogether, so you spend nothing!!
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Here are some useful tips on how to lower electricity bills:

- check seals on windows, doors and appliances

- fix leaky ductwork and faucets

- give your thermostat a nudge

- take shorter showers

- don't wash clothes in hot water

- adjust your fridge and freezer temperature.

And of course, a lot depends on your utility company's prices. If they are too high, it is better to change to another one. I personally did this way, and having read the pseg long island reviews, switched to it. No regrets as my bills are smaller now.

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