What Is Budget ?what Are The Different Type Of Budget


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'The beginnings of the word budget date back as far as the early 15th century. Adapted from the French 'Bouget', meaning a small leather pouch or wallet, this in turn owes its origin to the Latin 'Bulga' which, referred to a leather bag. The modern use of the term came into usage during the latter part of the 18th century, when, in government, the Minister of the Treasury would keep his financial strategy in a wallet.

Budget in the US may refer to the United States Federal Budget; a proposal of funding recommendations put forward each fiscal year by the President of the United States for the forthcoming 12 months. This, by law must be adhered to with the budget submitted by the first of February each year. In the United Kingdom this undertaking of the country's finances is the primary responsibility of the Chancellor of the Exchequer.

Budget in its simplest terms today is the name given to an estimated log of incoming revenues and outgoing expenditures over a set period of time. It has also become synonymous with great value products or cheaper alternatives to more expensive and higher quality goods and services. For instance in the terms 'budget holiday' or 'budget accommodation' the obvious inference is that of affordability.

Another treatment of the word suggests a limit or a limited amount, such as in the following hypothetical examples; 'the independent film has a one million dollar budget' or 'we couldn't afford our dream house, it was beyond our budget'. So as you can see, the word can alter its meaning slightly depending upon the circumstance in which it is used.'
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A Budget is basically a plan that states all your expenses and your income for a given period of time in future. This concept has evolved through economics. The basic purpose of a budget is to outline the savings as well as the spending of a nation or household.

The purpose of making a budget is to forecast the revenues and the expenses. It also helps in control as it gives the actual position of a business with respect to the forecast.

There are different types of Budgets used around the world, in every kind of forecasting activity. These are:
- Production Budget
- Cash Budget
- Revenue budget
- Expenditure Budget
- Project Budget
- Marketing Budget
- Sales Budget
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There are different types of budget they are as follows: operating budget,corporation budget,sponsored budget,target budget,preparation budget,forecast budget.
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Operational budget and capital budget
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There are so many types of budgets:

Inputs, output, programme, performance

Zero Bases is when you start every year with a zero figure and justify every expense that you propose. It’s not incremental in the sense that it does not matter what your budget for last year was.

Almost all government systems use, inputs budget system or money based system.

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You have a sum of money and you have to work out how you are going to spend it. The expenditure part is called the budget. You also draw up a budget to see how much a project is likely to cost.
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A budget is wen you have some amount of money and you have budget how to spend the have 200.....I your budget is to buy shoes 100..and buy cloth 50....and you use the rem-inning  50 for food...

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