What Is A Renewable Resource?


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Trevor Skaggs answered
A Renewable Resource is substance that you can use once then use it again
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Arun Raj answered
A renewable resource is a natural resource whose stock increases with time as against a non-renewable resource which depletes with successive consumption. However a renewable resource can become a non-renewable resource if it is used at a higher rate than nature's ability to restock them. Solar energy, fresh water, biomass, timber and oxygen are all examples of renewable resources.

Commodities like leather, paper and wood are also instances of renewable resources. Though things like diesel, petrol and plastic made from fossil fuels are non-renewable, one can also make bio diesel and biodegradable plastic from renewable resources like soybeans and corn. Solar power, hydropower (energy made by capturing energy of moving water) and wind-power are the familiar sources of renewable energy.

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