What Is The Main Difference Between A Materials Management Course And A Supply Chain Management Course And Which One Is Better If I Am In The Field Of The Warehousing And Purchasing Depatment?


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The main difference between a Materials Management Course and a Supply Chain Management Course is the order, in which courses apply. A Materials Management Course is a course of study, whereby one acquires a graduate degree in Materials Management. In the process of this course of study ,one learns the various aspects of management. During this college going period one learns and development: leadership skills, which will help in areas such as Transition management; How to conduct and attend meetings. In this course one also learns Rules and regulations for management; How to evaluate materials; General bidding practices; Business practices; Procurement ethics; Legal aspects of Purchasing. Students are taught Contract negotiation and administration; Federal contract management and negotiation and skills such as inspiring others. One how to speak and listen to employees, as well as skills to deal in conflict management between self and employees and between employees.

A Supply Chain Management course is a post graduate course considered to be a speciality in the area of Materials Management. This course is offered to people with a degree in Materials Management, and several years of experience. This course is also offered to working professionals.

Supply Chain Management is designed for managers and senior planners, with degrees in Materials Management and others. The goal of the course is to teach techniques in analyzing the supply chain of materials and inventory. This course teaches one how to choose manufacturers and buy/purchase decision making. One learns skills in analysis and reduction in lead time and improved skills in control of systems. In Supply Chain Management one learns skills in IT performance to strengthen communication with suppliers, the importance of IT in Supply Chain Management and many other techniques for improving management skills are taught. Warehousing and Purchasing skills are taught in Materials Management courses and new techniques are taught in Supply Chain Management courses, workshops and seminars.

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