Where Can I Find Objective Type Questions Q&As On Business Law?


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After much searching, I concluded there is not a website on the internet, which contains the type of Business Law questions and answers you are seeking. Only, one website had any information about available questions and answers related to Business Law.

The CLEP Introductory Buisness Law Exam contains a Business Law exam with 59 questions and answers. This Document gives a description of the complete exam, the knowledge and skills required to pass the exam, test-taking strategies, chapters and study materials from the Official Study Guide for the CLEP examination. The website is given below.


The downloadable book can be purchased online for $10.00 and then downloaded to file or a disc. You also should be able to find a copy at a local library or if you have access to a college library, you should be able to find a copy of the document there.

The college library would  probably have copies of past Business Law exams, in which you would find objective questions and answers. Also, in the Clef examination guide book, there are examples of the type of questions you are looking for. You should be able to get a copy of this Clef Examination Guide at the college library or bookstore.

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