What Kind Of Jobs Can A 15-year-old Find, Who Are Eligable To Be Hired In The Agricultural Fields Even Though They Are Only 15, In The State Of Connecticut? (perferablly Close To Waterbury, Ct)


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Fifteen year olds are eligible to work in the Sate of Connecticut under very strict guidelines. The guidelines are very clear. There is no requirement for a work permit as there is in some states. You are eligible to work in agriculture under the same restrictions as all other approved fields.

Besides agriculture fifteen year olds can work in hospitals and convalescent homes (no food service or laundry); hotels/motels (no food service or laundry); banks; insurance companies; professional offices (lawyers, CPA's, etc.); libraries; parks and recreation, etc.; licensed summer camps; acting and street trades such as babysitting, newspapers, and household chores for home owners.

Fifteen year olds may not work during school hours; before 7am or after 7pm. From July 1st-labour day may work until 9am; no more than 3 hours on school days, 8 hours on non-school days; no more than 18 hours in school weeks and 40 hours in non-school weeks.

Go to :www.part-time.careerbuilder.com
Under Search for Location, click on Connecticut Jobs and Waterbury. This lands you on a page of job categories. Under Keywords enter Agriculture, Waterbury, CT is already there. Click the orange Find Jobs box, and a list of available jobs will appear in the middle of the page to your left.

You can also go to the State Employment office in Waterbury or the closest town and ask for help there. Also, check the Jobs available section of the Newspaper.
Good Luck!

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