4 Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Internet To Education, Business And Medical?


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Advances in technology, the Internet has become a favorite of most young people
in your social status on the Internet has no effect, with, no matter what status
you are, your voice is the same. Your words have no place is popular halo
effect, but your words itself attractive. Inequality is the only network is
familiar with. Network also can give you the sense of freedom, you can say that
they wanted to say. Generally need not worry about what the punishment. So
people do not need too many masks to express himself more real. The Internet is
a new source of information, through the Internet to broaden their knowledge.
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4 advantages-
easy to set up
no germs
very reliable
not gay

4 disadvantages
could be gay
maybe germs
may not be reliable
may not be easy to set up!

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