What Does 'Tambien' Mean In Spanish?


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The word también in Spanish is an adverb that is most similar to the use of the words 'too, as well, either or also' in the English language. "Yo también" is a common expression meaning "Me too" or "So do I".

An example of it's use would be in the phrase "Y tu mamá también" or "And your mother, too".

También is a compound word, which means it's formed by joining two root words- in this case tan plus bien, the etymology of which can be traced to the Latin tantus(so much) and bene(well).

It's antonym is tampoco meaning neither.

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The Spanish word Tambien means "also" in the English language. In the Spanish language it can also mean "too" depending on the situation of the statement.

E.g. "yo tambein tengo que estudiar"

The above statement can be translated in English as "I 'Also' have to study or I 'Too' have to study".
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It means - in agreement of.
Or the words - "also" or "too"
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It means also
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I am taking spanish classes and I couldn't figure out what tambien was on my homework.

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