Does A Life Insurance Physical Check For Xanax And Predinisone In Blood And Urine?


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• Insurance companies perform physical tests and blood tests to ascertain the likelihood of having to pay out on your policy. Obviously, the higher category of risk you are, the greater the chance of having to remunerate you - and the higher the cost of your premium. The more comprehensive assessments taken out by insurance companies check your blood for any prescription medication you may be taking as well as any illegal drugs that may be in your blood stream. This can be traced through urine tests.

• The tests also record the levels of several different elements of your blood. Your blood levels tell everything about your physical condition, so if you do have any pre-existing conditions they will be discovered. Analysis is carried out to determine levels of:

Glucose and Fructosamine Glycated Albumin - indicators of diabetes
Blood Urea Nitrogen and Creatine for possible kidney disease
Alkaline Phosphatase and Bilirubin for liver disease
Albumin and Globulin - signals for blood disease

• If you do have to have a medical it is best to be truthful and out in the open about your problems. To lie on any sort of application, especially legally binding medical submission is generally regarded as a bad move. If you don't tell the truth about your medical history and your lying is uncovered you could render your policy null and void. You would not receive a penny in compensation or a refund for the amount you have already paid. You may even face court proceedings for misrepresentation or fraud.

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