How Do You Recover Money When A Company Goes Bankrupt?


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There is a long process that is being followed to receive money from a company that has gone bankrupt. Usually you will be notified within twelve weeks when the company is declared bankrupt and after that you will have to make a claim to recover the money.
First of all you will have to fill the proof of debt form and then have to return the same to the insolvency practioners; the form is sent to you with the notice that you receive as creditors. If you have taken something in mortgage in return of the credit then the procedure is not applicable on you. With this form you can start the process of getting your money back.
If you have any problem regarding the procedure, you can also visit the website called that can give you more information.
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I had some cctv work done and paid bank of scotland direct debit monthly for 3 yrs the company has gone bust do I still have to pay my payments

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