How Do I Cite Meeting Minutes In Apa?


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Citing meeting minutes in APA style is fairly straightforward. There is some basic information that you MUST include, such as:

  • The name of the individual making note of the minutes (in the format J. Smith, if the person is called "John Smith").
  • Date on which these specific minutes were recorded
  • The title of the meeting. Use italic font to emphasize this, it's an important piece of information!
  • Put the phrase (meeting minutes) after the italicised title.

Here are some caveats to be aware of when citing meeting minutes in APA format.

  • If the minutes are distributed through the internet, include the address of the webpage. Use the phrase "retrieved from..." for this purpose.
  • If the meeting minutes have yet to be published, you can include the location (city and state name), where the minutes were recorded.

APA meeting minutes must also follow a specific format, the order of which is:

  1. Authorship (regardless of whether the minutes are provided by an individual or an organization).
  2. The current year.
  3. Page number, if this is available.

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