What Is Meaning Of Institutional Sales?


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Investment banks create products that are be sold by institutional sales representatives. Sales representatives serve consultation roles for clients by figuring out what their financial goals are and figuring out how the products sold by the investment banks can help these investors. This also gives the investment bank a useful insight into what an individual or company wishes to invest, so that this can be applied to other cases in the future.

They are a bit like a financial advisor but they are not independent and sell the products of one company only.

This is a high paid job for someone with a degree in finance or economics without the stress of the trading floor. Roles in institutional sales have been rising and are set to continue into the future.

Institutional sales workers work for investment banks and sell securities to individuals and companies. They must work in a team, locating potential sales leads through market research. Institutional sales workers are also responsible for communicating with clients who have contacted the investment banking company, a bit like sales people. They are responsible for finding out what their customer's financial goals are and then providing them with the products necessary to meet these goals; these products are only from the investment bank that employs the institutional sales representative. The institutional sales representative is responsible for organizing company meetings to talk about progress made with sales. Low progress in this role will be treated as if you are a normal sales person and targets are all part of the bonuses paid and also the job's lost for people that do not reach their targets.
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Institional Sales is similar as corporate sales, here we sell products/Services/Solutions to other organisations. Its also called B2B Sells. For an eg. We sell one AC to a customer for his personel uses its B2C Selling, where as in instituional sales we sell in bulk quantities for eg. Selling 300-1000 AC to one new opening hotel. Institutional Sales does not involve the channel of dealers/distributors, its the direct sales for company to company
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Institutional sales is basically b2b i.e business to business instead of business to consumer i.e b2c. For example-if we sell one ac to a customer it is b2c sales but when we sell 100 ac's to a builder it is institutional sales as there is no mediator involved and the quantity is always in bulk.
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The sales in the financialindustry that are made by large brokerage houses or mutual funds, such as private placements and initial public offerings of stock for companies. Institutional sales are usually reserved for highnet worthclients and are not open to the averageinvestor.

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