Which Country Is Best Place To Live (highest Income Lowest Inflation And Lowest Tax)?


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This question does not have a simple answer, as everyone's idea of what makes a country liveable and more desirable, is based on different things. For example, Northern European
countries like Norway, Sweden and Denmark and also Switzerland, have always been highly rated for high salaries, good public services and health care and lack of corruption(which in other countries, leads to deflation of the currency and lack of production and return on investment).
However many people would not choose to live in such a cold
climate, and in such a regulated country, and instead choose to live in a more tropical climate, and perhaps focus on other things,
like an unsophisticated outdoor life, and less regulation. Which leads to a smaller portion of the population paying tax, which means that those who do pay, pay more and get less for it, for example Italy.

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