What Are The Steps Taken To Sell Shares To The Public?


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IPO is the one and only route that you will have to follow if you want the shares of your company to be sold in the public. IPO or initial public offering is the route with which most of the companies sell their shares and to issue an IPO you will have to follow some process. The first action that you are required to follow is that get your company to get registered in the securities and exchange board and ask for the permission from them to issue the public offering.

If you get the permission you are also required to invest some money on advertising about your company so that more and more people will invest money to take the shares of your company. If it is oversubscribed, it is better for you as it will help you to get the shares of your company registered at higher price and the shares you own will also of more value. So go ahead and get it registered.
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IPO basically means Initial Public Offering. It is a step in trading in the stock market, which will be investing your money in the stock market.

If you start trading in the stock market, do it Online, as there are many online firms in the market, which will guide you to invest better, and earn more profits. I personally recommend Religare Online, as they are the market leaders for trading in the stock market India. They don't only invest your money, but will also explain you why they are investing your money, in the particular share.

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