Can You Have A Lease Contract Voided Within 72 Hours After Signing It?


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There are different types of lease contracts, so it's not possible to give a definite answer to this question. While many leases do feature a "grace period" where both sides can back out of the agreement, this will differ according to the specific contract. In other words, you can't assume anything - and you shouldn't assume anything. It is quite simple to sit down and read the fine print at the bottom of a contract - although you might need reading glasses or even a magnifying glass - and yet, every day, people sign on the dotted line without so much as glancing at the important details of a specific lease contract.

Remember, it's entirely possible that you may end up disliking the place you've rented, or the car you've leased - in some cases, these purchases just won't live up to your expectations. If you've read the lease prior to signing, you'll know:

• where you stand,
• what your options are.

If you haven't, you'll begin to read the fine print (after the fact) and panic when you realize the grace period isn't nearly as long as you though it was. Sometimes, people who don't read the fine print really suffer the consequences. 

Getting savvy about contracts is really important; after all, a lease agreement is a negotiation between two sides. If you don't understand leases and contracts and how they work, you are already losing the negotiation. The person who understands the law always has the upper hand in contracts and negotiations - they use clauses to get what they want. When you also understand leases and contracts, you can fight for your wants (and your rights) as well.

Before you sign, read everything... If you can, have an attorney look the lease over and explain it to you in laymen's terms.

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