What Are Some Current Issues Of Concern In The Hospitality Industry?


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The hospitality industry is very productive with more and more people getting passionate about traveling. However, no matter how prolific, the hospitality industry is, it is also faced with certain issues that hamper its operations. Among others, there are concerns about labor, human resources and the unstable economy.

Human Resources. Hotels have been complaining about the dearth of skilled workers and laborers who are able to render quality work. Others just simply find it difficult to find employees from within the area. For instance, in Europe where the population is old, the number of retirees outweighs those who are entering. Likewise, the issue on salaries is also a major concern because some hotels offer very minimal and unattractive rates.

Travel Trends. These days, the world has gotten smaller with travelers looking at other options. New tourist attractions have been developed with other countries intensifying their tourism efforts. This paved the way for hotels to grow in other areas and for some hotels to close down because of the dwindling tourism industry in a particular place. On one hand, there is also restriction travels issued in certain places.

Operational costs. Hotels have been coping with the rising cost of electricity, water and other necessities that it is difficult for them to sustain their operations. Added to that, they also need to cope with the trends in the hospitality industry which can include additional constructions or renovations. These moves will cost them to allot millions of budget which may be difficult for the management to recover.

Meanwhile, some hotels also need to keep up with technological advancements wherein they need to employ new tools, equipments and systems that will allow them to stay competitive with other big players in the industry. All these require a great deal of budget which return of investment is difficult to achieve in a year's time.
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I would have to say that the biggest Issue In The Hospitality Industry is that most of the Hotels and Resorts need to be upgraded. I recently stayed at the Grand Hyatt Manchester San Diego, CA Hotel  and I remembered that is was nothing like it was this stay. 

So I suggest that you contact the hotel renovation company that is responsible for its elegance and beauty.


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