How Effective Is Lucas Transmission Treatment?


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Lucas has several products that can be used for Transmission. Most users find that it is most effective in almost all cases. Although some critics point out that it is a rather expensive brand- it is important to remember the alternative may be even pricier.

Lucas Transmission Fix is excellent for stopping hesitation, slip and rough changes in transmissions that are worn and it almost completely eliminates all kinds of seal leaks. It is an excellent product for both maintenance and preventive maintenance. It is also a good product for use in light duty manual transmissions which helps in easy gear changing. In addition it has many advantages like it contains absolutely no solvents, it lowers operating temperature and even stops foaming. It can also be added to any existing fluid without having to drain any out beforehand.
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I agree. I use Lucas products in all my vehicle. Oil stabilizer, upper cylinder lubricant, transmission treatment. Though it is pricey when compared to other products, I find it is an overall better product. The upper cylinder lubricant (also a fuel conditioner) helps improve fuel mileage by keeping the fuel system lubricated. As with the other products by Lucas, it does not contain solvents. I have been using Lucas for many years and will never compromise my vehicles with anything less.
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4/2009 I can personally vouch for Lucas Transmission Additive for automatics. It worked a miracle in my 96 GM with the 4t60e FWD transmission. After driving through the mountains, the transmission overheated and was slipping terribly and slamming through the gears. This continued even after a full nights cooldown period. I did a complete transmission flush, added Lucas, and the transmission shifted fine for the next 40,000 miles.

96 Olds Cutlass Supreme, 3.1, 4t60e, 160,000 when Lucas was added.

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