Which Companies Produce Chocolate? E.G Cadburys. Any Chocolate.


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Cadbury's, now part of the multinational company Cadbury's Schweppes, is one of the world's biggest chocolate manufacturers. In fact it is the third biggest, beaten only by Nestle and Ferrero (best known for Fererro Rocher.)

The next biggest chocolate companies are Mars and Hershey. At 6th place there is Kraft (in the UK, better known for processed cheese) and then the Swiss based Lindt and Sprungli. The last three names in the chocolate Top 10 are less well known to the general public - Barry Calebaut, Meiji Seika Kaisha and Russell Stover. Older names, however, like UK's Rowntree, don't appear on this list.

There are also more specialist companies. These include the UK Chocolate Trading Company, which prides itself on quality, and companies like Divine and Cloud Nine, which are run on ethical principles and ensure that a fair wage goes to the cocoa farmers who are otherwise badly exploited.
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There are several monopolist companies that produce chocolate, such as Mars. But I prefer to eat chocolate from lesser-known brands. Which is truly natural and organic. In the Internet there are sites that sell such a product. You can follow this link and read the detailed info on the organic chocolate subject.

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