What Is The Value Of A 1971 Mexican UN Peso?


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Unfortunately the value of a 1971 Mexican peso is not much at all and can even be obtained for less than $1 on auction websites such as

However, if you still wish to get it valued, you can always take it to a coin dealer in case you have a rare version. Before taking it to be valued it might worth giving it a clean and dust to make sure it is looking the best it can. The condition of a coin can certainly determine its overall value.

You should find your local coin dealer in the yellow pages or similar type business directories that are often posted through your door. Head to the C section and look for coin dealers - their adverts should include their phone number and address. It may be worth phoning them up first and explaining the coin you have, just in case they say it is worthless (thus saving a wasted trip).

If you have a few coins from different countries and eras then it could be worth visiting some coin collector forums online. This way you can ask questions about your coins and their values to people who may have some superior knowledge.

Some coin collector forums worth visiting are as follows:
You may have to sign up to the forums before you are allowed to add any comments; this is usually a straightforward affair that will only take a matter of minutes.

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