What Is The Best Car For Girls?


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Whilst it's difficult to stereotype all women by choosing one car model, I'd suggest that the following might be good vehicles to look at if you're looking for an overtly feminine four-wheeler:

  • Mini Cooper
  • VW Beetle
  • Honda Del Sol/Mazda MX-5
  • Audi TT
The best cars for girls When it comes down to it, female taste in cars is just as varied as men's. Many women I know drive Jeeps and other 'rugged' cars (these are especially safe and useful for school runs I hear). On the other hand I know plenty of men who think a soft-top Mercedes SLK is an acceptable vehicle to drive. The truth is that it just comes down to personal taste.

Having said that, there's a good reason why I picked the 4 cars above to feature in this answer. Here's the reason why:

What makes a 'girly' car To determine the answer, we will study four specimens, starting with the...

Mini Cooper- The Mini Cooper seems like a bit of a lazy inclusion. Yes, it's a small car; yes, it runs on 72.4 mpg, and yes, it's a very small car... But the main reason I think it merits a mention is because women seem to love men with a Mini Cooper. It's as if the car attracts them like Taco Bell to Kevin Federline circa 2009 (although he's since lost and then put the weight back on).

VW Beetle- Makes the cut for similar reasons. It's cute and curvy and quite sexy. Beetles also always seem to come in quirky colors, and we all know how girls like quirky colours right?

Honda Del Sol/Mazda MX-5- I'm grouping these two into one car because they both fit the criteria of being compact and rather docile-looking.

Audi TT- The stereotypical 'hairdresser car', the TT divides opinion. When it first came out, it kind of reminded me of the futuristic looking cars in the film Minority Report, but the curves and symmetry suggest a slightly feminine touch.
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You don't have to be a girl - boys and men like them too as far as I know - but if you're single, not planning to have children just yet, live in a town and don't do many long journeys, you might be interested in a Smart car.

They are relatively cheap to buy and very cheap to run - can do 50 miles to the gallon, and tax is in the lowest bracket. They are great fun to drive once you get used to the rather odd gearbox - takes about a week - and are quite high and give excellent visibility.

Drawbacks include the fact that, although perfectly comfortable at 70mph or so, they really aren't a fast car. You can't zoom off in too much of a hurry either, especially until you get the hang of the gears. The safety features also take a bit of getting used to. But if you want a small, fun city car, a Smart is worth a look.
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VW's new beetle.
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I think Sedan cars are best for girls.
Honda City, Hyundai Fluidic Verna these two are good options.
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For women, mini cooper and Volkwagen Beetle would best
suitable cars for them. Even most of the girls don’t like the cars that are
designed for speed having huge horse power ratings. They want the cars like
colorful, comfort driving, small and spacious interior.

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The best economic car money can buy is "TATA pixel" , it provides lots of features at a reasonable cost. I heard that it gives around 30 km / ltr . I call it a decent mileage, designed to carry 4 passengers, price -250000 rs , 5556 $

But pixel is only available in European countries.

If you're looking for a performance car with decent mileage and looks then it's the Skoda Octavia , Laura or Superb, price - 1800000 rs, 40000 $

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