How can I start an RV travel club?


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If you are eager to begin your second career, starting your own recreational vehicle (RV) travel club could be the best (and most exciting) choice. A travel club is simply a business that plans group trips to various destinations. Club members may be friends, professionals who work together, or those who dislike making their own travel arrangements; all together, RV travel groups are well-known for enjoyable trips all over the country. In this article, we will highlight the steps to start a successful RV travel club business and offer some tips along the way, as well. 

Review Your Business Concept: 

Before you begin sketching out your business plan, take some time to analyze your business concept thoroughly. What makes your concept work? Is your idea unique? Will your company offer unique service? Will you have competitors? These questions aren’t always easy to answer; however, the answers are essential to understanding whether or not your business is viable and positioned to succeed. As you complete the business plan, the answers will become very clear. 

Consider Your Target Audience: 

Answering the question, “Who will buy your travel service,” is critical to determine the probable success of your business. Build a picture in your mind of who your customer might be and determine the demographics of that customer. What is the age range of your customer? Where does your customer live and what are the interests of your customer? All of these questions should be answered, as the combined picture will be a snapshot of your customer. 

Assess Your Competitors: 

What unique offers do your competitors make for customers? Is your competitor offering anything different from your business? If possible, try to determine the price for other RV travel club services. Taking the time to research your competitors allows for more informed decisions about marketing and this kind of insight gives you a better view of how to best position your business. 

Outline Your Mission and Goals: 

In a few thoughtful sentences, define exactly why you are starting this business and what you hope to accomplish by building it. Your mission and goals may change over time; however this is the beginning of your efforts and it’s important to be clear about the reasons why you are making this venture come alive. 

Set Up Financial Projections:

A business plan must contain financial projections and a consideration of funding the initial startup. Although this sounds difficult, use this comprehensive startup business plan template to complete each portion of the financial projections and overall startup plan. Your financial projections should include expected income sources, such as revenue from travel proceeds, and expenses relating to the launch of your startup business, including marketing efforts and supplies. The financial projections will help in the event that funding is needed for your company. With a clear business plan in place, investors, lenders, banks and other financial institutions can view all the details of your business and easily determine the funding needs. 

Create Your Marketing Strategies: 

Based on your analysis of your customer and competition, you’ll create a comprehensive marketing plan that will cover all aspects of your efforts. You’ll want to consider the best approach to bring RV travel services to your customers and differentiate your company from your competitors. Consider using social media callouts, email blast campaigns, and website blogs or Q & A sections to interact with your customers. If your customers are local, use radio or newspaper ads and if your customers are national, use social media, such as Facebook and Instagram, to announce specials on products. Use content creation and search engine optimization (SEO) in your communication efforts, as well. 

Customize Your Plan:

Bring your personality and that of your startup company to the business plan by identifying the unique aspects of your ownership. If preferred, use a specific business plan to identify your industry and your unique business application within it. For example, if you are researching how to start a campground, you could use the specialized business plan or, if you are starting a spa, you could choose to use a specific spa business plan, as well. 

Prepare an Operations Plan: 

Finally, you’ll want to prepare a plan for the organization of your startup business. Even if you are the sole employee and have an office in your home, your startup business needs an organizational plan. This plan will include any computer equipment or software needed, furnishings, service items, and other office supplies, as well. As your business grows, you’ll want to revisit this plan and revise it accordingly. 

Every RV travel club startup business needs a business plan and, by compiling each of these elements to the plan, you’ve started your business with strength and a future of long-term growth and success. Congratulations! 

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