How do I file my taxes?


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There are several ways you can file your taxes, with different pros and cons. Your main three options are:

- File it yourself on paper

The cheapest way to file your taxes is to do it yourself the old fashioned way with a paper return. This can be difficult if your taxes are complicated. You’re also more likely to make errors as you’ll be writing it manually, especially if your handwriting is poor.

- Use tax/accounting software

There are lots of software solutions and programs out there that will help you to file your taxes. Some of them are free, some are low cost, and some are expensive. Some of them are also unreliable, and you should be wary about which program you choose. You can search for tax return software on the official IRS website.

- Have a CPA do it for you

Many businesses outsource their tax returns to professional CPAs. These are more qualified to handle your returns reliably, less likely to make mistakes, and usually capable of advising you and helping you to resolve any tax problems. I always hire a CPA Okc to handle my tax returns.

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