Is it considered abuse to lock a teen in their room for a month? A 13 year old, with exceptions for bathroom and food.


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Maybe ... Maybe not.

It depends on more than just if the child is locked in the room.
How old is the child?
Are they being fed and cared for?
Are they receiving human interaction?

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Tom  Jackson
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Biologically, a child (plural: children) is a human being between the stages of birth and puberty. (Wikipedia)
Bramble Claw
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Technically the ‘child’ is 13, and exceptions would be made for food and bathroom. It hasn’t happened yet, so don’t worry, but it keeps being threatened.
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Yes it is.

Are you nuts?

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Let me lock you in a room for a month and then you tell me if it's abuse or not, your own Common Sense should answer this question for you.

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Bramble Claw
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To a child, yes it would be abuse, but to this man who grew up in the 70s this is a normal punishment.
But thank you for your answer anyways ^^
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If you are not a troll and I think you are:

What the hell were you thinking staying in the same house with a man who hit your baby? Why did you not call the police and have him removed or have them take you and your son somewhere safe right away?

It is your duty to protect that child and you failed when you stayed with him after he did that,you are enabling child abuse and you will be locked up and have your child taken from you and I hope that happens very soon.

If you are a troll:
Make an appointment to see a psychiatrist,you need serious help to even think those things up.

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Bramble Claw
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First off: There is no hitting involved in this situation; simply a father threatening to lock a child in their room for a month with the exception of bathroom breaks and food. He is simply suggesting a punishment he recived often as a child and I can understand that parents often parent the way their parents patented them.
Second: The situation is not as serious as you make it seem. He is just threatening and it hasn’t happened yet.
Third: This is not a troll, I am concerned whether this is considered abuse or not so I can step in and do something.

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