What is your opinion on the impacts of Blockchain on future of Accounting industry?


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I would like to share a link on Blockchain and Accounting Industry's future!
I hope it was helpful to people here!

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Do you need to prepare the essay on this topic? Here is more about  implications of Blockchain technology https://medium.com/@nelsonmrosario/five-concepts-that-underlie-blockchain-technology-8ab7ea1c79fe

Hope you will find it useful and if not, you may always turn to the professionals from the online writing service Primewritings. Their writers kept my own views in mind but expressed them in much better words than I could.

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Implications are not required, impacts that blockchain technology can have on accounting industry.
Thank you for the input though :)
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Implementing blockchain systems in the accounting industry is a proper idea. And I'd like to recommend one. Emercoin rate shows the stability of its blockchain system that is also provided with flexibility to use and safety.

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Do you know how Blockchain + IoT will enable autonomous negotiation? negotiations class will help you figure this out. It will affect joint decision making, negotiation analysis, preference identification, domain modeling, and much more. You will also learn about algorithms and AI in training for negotiation. And personally I was very interested to learn about the role of the blockchain in autonomous negotiations.

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