explain what a job production is?


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Richard James answered

Hello there. Job production is a type of business model that
basically creates projects for a specific client rather than mass producing
them. This kind of company normally employs skilled experts to provide high
standard artefacts. An example that you might have seen in your neighbourhood
would be the bakery that makes a big birthday or wedding cake only when you
order it. 

Deepak Rock Profile
Deepak Rock answered

Job production, sometimes called jobbing or one-off production, involvesproducing custom work, such as a one-off product for a specific customer or a small batch of work in quantities usually less than those of mass-market products.

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Taila Nevado answered

Hi, so job production is a production method whereby a
business focuses on specialized or personalized products. For example, a
wedding dress is produced through job production whereby the customer has a
specific demand concerning the cloth to use and the details that she wants. For
goods made through this type of process, a premium price is charged, allowing
the producers to earn higher rewards.

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