3 What are the benefits of gold investment and ownership? I need to know this for a University paper I am working on. The more benefits the better really, any help is appreciated.

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Physical Gold , Marketing Manager Physical Gold Limited, answered

There are so many benefits it’s impractical
to list them all here, I saw this
infographic, which lists a massive number of benefits about gold investment
I’ll list a few of the major benefits here:

Gold is highly liquid

Gold is a useful hedge against

Gold has a 5000+ years history,
this adds confidence to the future

Gold is scarce and sought
after, it’s hard to see large quantities becoming available

Gold is useful in times of
economic disaster

If there is a financial system
collapse or banking disaster, physical gold owners will be protected

It’s useful to invest in gold
as a low risk investment, as part of a diverse investment portfolio

I hope the above helps and best of luck
with your research!

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