Okay I AM FURIOUS! Have you ever heard of a car insurance company charging up to $80 to drop a vehicle?


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I have 2 cars insured. A 1996 suburban and a 2000 Pontiac grand am. I called to drop the grand am cuz we gave it to our daughter and she got her own insurance. This lady had the nerve to ask me to CONSENT to a charge of up to 80 dollars in order to drop it and when I got upset refusing to CONSENT to something I have no clue what they will charge she accidentally slipped out up to 100 dollars to drop the vehicle off of the policy! It's not even full coverage! It's only liability! 100 dollars SERIOUS!?!?!?

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I will do that. Thank you so much for this advice. We have been faithful customers for years and every six months its been creeping up. This last 6 months I caught on that some of the points my husband had when we started HAS DROPPED OFF! It should be going down! When I called to let them know she said "unfortunately all the policies everywhere are going up."
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Yes by all means change your insurance company as soon as possible.
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Thank you so much my friend. When they sent me the email to sign that I will pay the $6.40 to have them drop it, I could only read the TOP half of the document! I have no clue what the bottom half says! So I will be dealing with them AGAIN when they open. >:0/
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Hell i had a bank try to charge 40 bux to stop a checking acct i just used my atm and slowely drained it to near zero

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I don't understand why companies try to nickle and dime us! Come to find out with my insurance company it would only cost $6.40 to drop a vehicle. This liar would have made a $73.60- $90.60 profit or bonus or tip had I agreed to BLINDLY concent to "it could cost up to 80 dollars to drop!"

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