Is this Good? $2,500 @ APR 9.25%, Fixed Monthly payments @ $80 For 36 months?


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It would all depend on your credit score and if the loan is secured in some way. If it is an unsecured personal loan, from what I have just looked up on line it is not a bad rate. If you belong to a credit union they would most likely be your best bet for the lowest rate.

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Jann Nikka
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Hi, Loan would be from a bank, not possible from credit union.
What about $160 For 18 mos?
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Either way the money comes out the same. It would depend on your budget. If it were me and I could comfortably swing the $160 for half the time I would do that. But I hate carrying debt so I like paying things off quickly. If $160 is going to make it too tight financially, I would go with the $80 and just pay extra when I can.
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Thank you for your help 😎

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