What's something that you regret paying for?


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Otis Campbell answered

Calling dominoes pizza and being put on hold for 25 min

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Yin And Yang
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Oh no!!!!!! Poor Otis! I remember when their slogan was "delivered in 30 mins or less or it's free!" Now your stuck on the phone for the thirty minutes! 😕
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Make-up that looked okay in the store.  Found out since, most stores will allow a return on cosmetics. Keeping all receipts now.

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Back in the day, I bought a full set of Grolier encyclopedias. I ended up donating them to my church who used them in a house we were supplying to a refugee family. Used to be, you couldn't imagine a house without encyclopedias. Now, it's just the opposite.

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Yin And Yang
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RIVER FOX!!!!!! You make me feel ancient! I am now taking on the name "Ancient Yin!" LOL!
Danae Hitch
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Sometimes, I kick myself for giving them away. I loved reading through them and other times, when I have to shift books, I'm really glad I don't have them as they are heavy to lift!
Toni Pauze
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I looked at one the other night. Now that countries are changing their names , you can look and see what it was before.
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Hi, some months back, I bought my friend a meal that she wanted to
eat at KFC. After that day, we went to many restaurants for lunch and whenever
I asked her to pay my bill, she refused. I find that really selfish! I will
never purchase anything for her again.

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