Is Link Building is good for website ranking?


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At Golden Financial Services we are ranking top 3 on Google for some of the most competitive phrases, including "debt consolidation", "debt relief", and "debt settlement". The key is to add a geo-modifier in front of each of your primary keywords. For example, let's say you are an affiliate of Verizon and your store sells phones and stuff of that nature out of a store in Cornwall New York. First, you would want to create a page where your primary keyword is "Verizon", but in front and behind the keyword "Verizon" and related items in your store like phones, chargers, etc.. Use your location. (i.e., Cornwall New York Verizon is A+ rated at the Better Business Bureau and you can get the best deal here on an iPhone. New York Verizon stores are usually the most expensive when compared to Verizon stores in other states, so visit Verizon in Cornwall New York. IPhones, chargers, and accessories in Cornwall Verizon are sold at 50% off for the next week. Visit us today..  ) The goal of this content is to rank for phrases related to "New York Verizon", "Cornwall Verizon", etc.. You could never rank for the keyword "Verizon" but by making a page for a particular location now you can rank easier when someone's looking for a Verizon store in that particular area. And when searchers use a geo-modified version of a keyword their intent is to buy, this is statistically proven to be the case. So even though there is much higher search volume for just the keyword "Verizon", the traffic searching for New York Verizon, or Cornwall New York Verizon, is probably driving in the car ready to buy, so these keywords are better quality. Make different pages for each location and use your primary keyword + the location throughout the page, in your URL, Meta Title + Description, H-tags, Alt tags, etc.. And use your home page as a guide to these different location pages. If you visit you can see how the main attraction on our home page is "Select your state". Right from the home page, we drive visitors to each location page. The strategy is amazing. You can find a detailed post on SemRush that explains this strategy. Paul Paquin, our CEO wrote the post. And if you want to build powerful backlinks, in that post you will learn the ultimate way to get unbelievable backlinks fast.

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It definitely is. But you need to find really good donors to place backlinks to your website there to reach a decent effect. Here you can find a big guest posting list and if you choose rather good websites from there, you may get a good result. It definitely is not the easiest way to promote your website but it's one of the most effective ones and I think that any webmaster just has to work in this direction.

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Link building is important because it is a major factor in how Google ranks web pages. 

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Yes, Off-course link building in good for website if you want to get your website in top 10 google search result. But you have to do with very carefully. Because there are lots risk like you have to choose which type of website that closely repleted to your website and whenever do the link building make sure that use new mean unique and information content and there have no any grammatically mistake. 

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A well-executed link building campaign provides great value to any website. A successful link building campaign can result in increased search engine rankings, increased website traffic and also business conversions and sales. But what happens when you spend hours of hard work successfully building backlinks to your website, yet see little to no positive movement in your websites rankings in the search engines? There are a handful of reasons that your website is not seeing positive results in the search engine rankings after link building.

Trying to rank for competitive keywords that produce high levels of search volume is hard work. Every website owner wants to rank in the coveted #1 spot for their targeted keywords within the search engines. Many websites will never achieve that. Google and the other major search engines aim to provide the best possible result for their users for each search. As a general rule of thumb, the more websites that link back to your website, the more Google will trust in your website. Think of each link back to your site as a vote of trust in the eyes of the search engines. Higher authority websites like news sources and industry publications will also carry more weight as a sign of trust in the quality of your website. It can then be very frustrating to be building quality backlinks to your website and not be seeing the positive ranking improvements in the search results that you are expecting. Keep in mind that increased search engine rankings are only one metric that should be used to judge whether or not your link building efforts are providing value for your website. You should also pay attention to traffic, click through rates and website conversions that come as a result of your link building efforts. Whether you are consulting a digital marketing agency on your link building efforts or doing it in-house, be sure that your expectations are realistic about how long it will take to start seeing ranking improvements for your link building efforts.

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