Nestle wants to control water? Has anyone heard about this?


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I was reading some things about your question and it seems the the Chairman of Nestle products thinks that water should be privatized to help with water problems around the world. Sounds like a lot of hot air to me . Water is everyone's right to have and not monopolized by one company. This from a company that sells more junk food than many others.

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Bikergirl Anonymous
Yes .. that's why I hear. I wondered when someone would tune into the value of our water resources. It is (by far) the life or death means to control the population. We, as humans can live without many commercial products .. but .. we can not live without water. Commercially sold water is a convenience .. for the most part we could live without it being bottled .. if our tap water is still easily available but what about those whose ONLY source of clean consumable water is bottled? Should their life support be held for ransom?
PJ Stein
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Well that just sounds like greed, not a way to solve water problems. As it is some places won't let you use a rain barrel to collect water, because they say it cuts off the water supply to those who need it "down stream".
Bikergirl Anonymous
Absolutely it's about greed .. and power .. if you control lifesustaining water .. you control people.

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